18 April 2013

the right medication to treat premature ejaculation impotence of natural herbs.


Assalamualaikum ...,
SAUNG INFO-Back comes to share with colleagues about the right medication to treat premature ejaculation impotence of natural herbs. This information I put of  KHASIAT TANAMAN OBAT

How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation Naturally - Premature ejaculation is often experienced by adult men. Related to sexual health that is often experienced by men is because two common cause, namely sexual dysfunction as well as erectile dysfunction. Actually a lot of men who at first did not realize that they experienced symptoms of premature ejaculation is part of a sexual disorder.Various special factors causes of premature ejaculation among others because it is caused by a disturbance that is psikofisiologik. In this case the background for the occurrence of premature ejaculation is because of the issue between the two couples, say less harmonious relationship, as well as the unpleasant feelings toward spouse, even there also because there is a fear of women.Other factors can also be triggered by anxiety, and also the habit of orgasm and ejaculation are often hastily done before. The most important impact is due to a disturbance of neural control that regulates ejaculation incident.As for the impact that can result from premature ejaculation is dependent on the severity of abnormalities experienced by the patient. But generally the most important factor that premature ejaculation is caused by the emergence of a less harmonious relationship between husband and wife.

How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation In Public

Actually ejaculation techniques or how to resolve the most common is often done by people with sex therapy method, and also using the method of treatment by taking medication to control premature ejaculation.
There was also a nerve surgery, and this is usually done by those who experience premature ejaculation caused by neurological control nuisance factors.

How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation Naturally

Overcoming ejaculation naturally can actually be done through certain techniques. The technique here is a technique to control the relaxation of muscles during intercourse.
One trigger of premature ejaculation is due to muscle tension.To control these tensions are most appropriate breathing techniques. Generally things men do during sex is a short breathing too fast. It goes unnoticed. Breathing is the last thing on your mind during sex.Short rapid breathing is what can cause tense muscles faster. When a man breathing rapidly and body tensed, he will ejaculate faster.So the thing to do is to breathe more slowly and heavily. Just as people do when doing yoga exercise or tai-chi. Both sports are indeed greatly affect how the body in action.By breathing more slowly and heavily, the muscles will be more relaxed. A relaxed muscle will lose all tension so you can penetrate longer and not too fast ejaculation.As for the other tips.

Play mind, this technique is intended when connected, you should not be too focused trying to think of other things so that our minds are divided dua.dengan this technique many who have successfully overcome premature ejaculation

How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation Naturally the next is with poise and Rilex do not rush, one of the causes of premature ejaculation for example, fear of getting caught, fear if pregnant, fear of infectious diseases etc.

When would feel ejaculation take the decision to stop penetration, durability and quiet breathing momentarily set so controlled or How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation Naturally more extream again unplug mr P and asked permission to go to the bathroom to urinate reason, after doing quiet again relationship.

How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation Naturally the latter is to do sports or gymnastics, there are also specific exercises that can be found in a special place as well.How to Overcome Ejaculation With Food:

1. Basil leaves, period?
yes it turns out basil leaves can also be used as medicine to avoid premature ejaculation, by way of a handful of basil leaves and brewed with hot water in a cup, let cool and drink, do routine 1 cup / day.

Recently, Yogyakarta State University student successfully cultivate betel leaf betel chips which turned out to be a he said this is the How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation Naturally.

3. Many herbal remedies that can be eaten to avoid premature ejaculation, but if you decide to take this path you should be very critical and kept asking if the side effects of this drug even though they claim that these drugs are made from herbs or plants.
That's what SAUNG INFO to the right medication to treat premature ejaculation impotence of natural herbs, thanks for the khasiat tanaman obat, Wassalamualaikum, wr, wb .....
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