23 April 2013

How to Treatment with HONEY


Assalamualaikum...SAUNG INFO-kembali memberikan informasi How to Treatment with HONEY, yang di dapat dari METODE PENGOBATAN NABI.

Prompts Treated with Honey
Allah the Exalted says:

"YourRobb revealed to the bee, 'Make the houses in the mountains, the trees, and in places that are contrived by man. Then eat any fruits and easily head in the way Robbmu '; bees that come out of the stomach fluids with different colors, in which there is healing for men. It's in the way there are signs (of Allah) for people who think. "(An-Nahl [16]: 68-69)

In the Sunnah there are some traditions that narrated, mentions about the benefits of honey and explain the importance of honey in healing. Naration off from Ibn 'Abbas, he said: Rosululloh sallallaahu' Alaihi Wasallam said, "there is healing in three ways, namely drink honey, cupping tool incisions, burns and fire. I forbid my people treated with a fire burns. "366)

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi Wasallam also said, "If in most of the drugs used are the good guys, then it is contained in a drink of honey, cupping tools incision, or burns with fire, but I do not like seeing a fire burns." 367)

Secrets Revealed by Honey greatness Modern Medicine
Humans have been using honey for treatment, since ancient times. One popular myth in society is that beekeepers can live a healthy and long life, more than the others.

Historians mention that Pythagoras lived in the age of over ninety years. Daily staple food consists of bread and madu.Diskusi about honey gets a lot of attention in articles published over the years lately in medical magazines that reliable, the author will quote in part as follows:

1. Not Able to Fight Bacteria Honey
Thus the title of an article published in the Lancet Infect Dis Magazine, February 2003 M. In this article, Dr. Dixon confirmed the presence of a large force in the honey that is able to beat the bacteria, where bacterial-bekteri was not able to survive in the presence of honey. Authors advocate for the use of honey in treating various types of wounds, including burns.

Various scientific research shows that fisikawi and chemical characteristics of honey, such as acidity and osmoticnya influences, which kills bacteria play a role in its effectiveness. In addition, honey has anti-inflammatory process specification (anti-inflammatory activity).

Final result is that honey is against spoilage by bacteria and speed up the recovery of wounds, burns, and ulcers.

2. Use of Honey as Antiluka
In an article published in the magazine Ann Plast Surg, February 2003 M, conducted a study of 60 Dutch patients affected by injuries, are manifold, including chronic wounds (21 patients), complex wounds (23 patients ), bruises and severe (16 patients).

The researchers stated that the use of honey is easily done for all patients, except one person, help cleaning the wound, and no side effects whatsoever from the use of honey in the treatment of these injuries.

The researchers suggest in a magazine article published in Arch Surgery 2000 M used honey to protect margins injuries that occur during the process of tumor removal surgery.

3. Honey and Burns
Within the rubric of "Burn" Durns magazine 1996 AD, has published an article about the use of honey for the treatment of burns. The article recommends the use of honey for burns.

4. Honey Antioxidant Rich Content
In a study published in March 2003 M Magazine Agric Food Chem, the researchers compared the effect of consumption of corn or honey drink a dose of 1.5 g / kg body weight of the effectiveness of antioxidants. Plasma content of phenolic antioxidants has been increased by a higher percentage after drink to consume after consuming drinks honey than corn. The study indicates that the phenolic antioxidants present in honey has a higher active power and can increase the body's resistance against oxidative stress (oxidative stress).

5. Honey and Oral Health
Professor Amoln asserted in an article published by the magazine in December 2001 Dentgen M, that honey can play an important role in the treatment of gum disease, canker sores, and various other mouth disorders, it is because honey has anti-bacterial specification.

6. Honey and Treatment of Infections Due to Radiation mucus membranes
In a recent study published in Cancer Care Support Magazine, April 2003 AD, has been conducted on forty patients who develop head and neck cancer and those that require radiation (radio therapy).

The researchers concluded that honey treatment locally at the time of radiotherapy is an effective treatment method, and not burdensome to prevent the occurrence of infection in the mucous membranes of the mouth.

7. Between Honey with Gastric Infection (Maagh) and Gastric
In a study published in the magazine Pharmacolres 2001 AD, the researchers said that honey can help treat gastrointestinal infections. The researchers also conducted another study on the effect of natural honey against the bacteria that cause it can prove the occurrence of peptic ulcers or gastric infection, known as pylori bacteria. Retrieved clarity that fluid administration with a concentration of 20% honey can weaken the bacteria in the petri dish. This research has been published in the magazine 1991M Tropgastroent year.

8. Preventing honey Inflammatory Bowel (Colitis)
Honey can prevent colitis in mice? That's the question posed by researchers at King Saud University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. First they created a colon infection on tikut-injured mice with mice with acetic acid, after the mice were given honey, glucose, and fructose through the mouth and anus for four days. The researchers found out that honey can be good role in protecting the colon from common injuries caused by acetic acid.

Rosululloh sallallaahu 'alaihi Wasallam once said to those who came to him, reported that his brother complained of abdominal pain. Then, he said, "Drinks honey to her ..." .368)

9. Honey and Scalp
Because nutritious honey kills bacteria, as well as to function as an anti-fungal and antioxidant, and has a high nutrient content, then a researcher named Dr. Wailial has conducted a study to determine the effect of honey in treating dermatitis (skin infection) because of oil and dandruff.

Research results were published in the magazine in 2001 AD Eurjmealres He has studied 31 patients with skin infections due to chronic oil, which on the scalp, face, and the front of the chest. They consisted of twenty men and ten women, their ages ranged between 15-60 years.

Skin lesions that exist in their cause white scales on the skin surface redness. The patients were asked to wear liquid with a concentration of 90% honey (honey mixed with warm water) every other day in the infected parts in the head and face while slowly sorted-sequence continuously for 2-3 minutes.

The honey is left for about three hours before washing with lukewarm water. The researchers continued to monitor the condition of the patient every day, particularly in relation to complaints of itching, dandruff, and hair loss.

This therapy is carried out for four weeks, it turns out the individual patient's response to therapy very well. Itching and dandruff they lost during the week, while the skin lesions heal within two minggu.369)

It is true word of Allah Ta'ala, "From the bee's stomach out drink that varied in color, in which there is healing for mankind." (An-Nahl [16]: 69) 10. Honey and Treatment of Urinary Manis370)

Honey can reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Strengthen the evidence that there is an element in honey-oxidants that make it easier assimilation of sugar in the blood, so that the sugar does not look tinggi.371)

Honey is rich in nutrients vitamin B1-B5-C, where people with diabetes in desperate need of these vitamins. Honey contains about a hundred different elements are considered very important for the human body, especially for people with diabetes.372)

The benefits of honey can be sure of the cause of diabetes is not the absence of insulin at all, but rather the difficulty of stimulating the cells that produce insulin in the blood. Under these conditions, a small dollop madu373) will add up quickly and the sugar content of the blood, so that the cells will stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin. But, people with diabetes should perform blood analysis before and after taking the honey, to determine the right dose for her diboleh-under the supervision of a doctor.

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